Why choose us

Ulysses Consulting is a purposely-small company, and values its independence. Our good reputation and our client relationships are our most important assets.
Tradition, education, experience, advanced technology, comprehensive information systems, and dedicated employees who deliver consistent, professional, and friendly service - these are what sets us apart.
Our professional relationships with key people in the financial environment and relevant Linked Investment Services Providers enable us to maintain a high standard of due diligence, regulation readiness, and the highest standard of client service.

We have managed to build a circle of loyal clients whose relationship stretches across many market cycles and economic events, through:
  • attention to detail
  • custom investment solutions prepared around each client’s unique liquidity, cash flow, tax, risk, return and income requirements
  • ongoing proper investment governance

Since September 1999, Ulysses Consulting has helped individuals build, manage, and preserve their wealth. We do this by providing a specialised investment service with a commitment to fair, factual, thorough, and transparent advice.
Our focus is on reaching a client’s investment objective and nurturing our client relationship, while managing expectations.

We do not market our company on any platform, including social media, and prefer to take on clients on referral from existing clients.

Ulysses Consulting is independently owned and managed by Gerhard Odendaal CFP®. We are a registered financial services provider in terms of section 8 of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 2002 (Act no.37 of 2002).

© 2018, Ulysses Consulting. All Rights Reserved. Ulysses Consulting is an Authorised Financial Services Provider. FSCA Licence No.: 13277

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