What makes us different

  • Our advice is not generic; our analysis and record of advice document is tailored and personal.
  • Our financial planning is not outsourced, as is the norm.
  • Our analysis is not spreadsheet-based. We choose to follow a more traditional ‘Time Value of Money’ method, instead.
  • We do not enter into a service level agreement with a client without the client understanding the advice, the analyses and recommendation/s provided in plain language.
We have a solid succession plan. Ulysses Consulting has developed a plan to ensure the quality continuity of its services to its clients in the event of the demise or incapacity of its Key Individual.
We offer and do due diligence on a range of suitable and approved funds to investment clients, ensuring that clients investment portfolios are aligned to their financial goals and identifying quality funds that add significant value for our clients. Funds represented on our preferred Administrator’s Fund list have undergone a thorough due diligence process that supports the financial planner’s role by ensuring that the funds selected for the clients meet a minimum quality standard.

We follow a careful financial planning process - the six-step financial planning process of the Financial Planning Institute of South Africa. This provides a sound foundation from which to provide financial advice to clients. Most importantly, it also allows for a monitored compliance of the requirements of the FAIS Act and its subordinate legislation.

In short, we promise unwavering commitment to promoting and maintaining ethics; providing the best service impartially, fairly, equitably and without bias; utilizing resources efficiently and effectively; responding to clients’ requests with urgency, and taking responsibility for every client request and query.

  • Commitment | We are committed to give our full attention, time, and energy to our clients and industry participants, whenever we engage with each other.
  • Respect | We are respectful of our clients’ and industry participants’ time, and place significant emphasis on efficiency, thoroughness, and professionalism.
  • Mindfulness | We are mindful of our clients’ and industry participants’ circumstances, and therefore we remain ethical, consistent, and loyal.
  • Honesty and responsibility | We understand the importance of honesty and responsibility, and undertake to be 100% transparent, confidential, and accountable in every engagement with our clients and industry participants.

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